Name :

Anil Acharya

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Left Sidesd Hemiplegia

My Story :

Anil Acharya is 22. He is the oldest child of the DSA. He has physical disability named left sided Hemiplegia. He can walk slowly but he can’t run and can’t use his left arm properly.When he was small and brought up to DSA he couldnot walk.He used to crawl to move.

Anil was born in Chitwan Hospital in Teraï. After birth with is family he moved to Godawari. At 4 years old, his father left the home because of job opportunity and Anil entered in the center following the advice from DSA to his parents. He uses to visit his family in Godawari for Dashain festival.

He began school at five years old in kinder garden. He had some diffulties at shcool, he is slow learning specially in Mathematics and Nepali. He failed several classes. So he finished highschool at 22. He enjoys to use computer to type, listen and play games. He is very open to talk with visitors. As the oldest child of DSA he looks after the others a lot. He would like to own a shop as his mother in the future.