Name :

Dhana Raj Mahatara

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Visually Impaired

My Story :

Dhana raj Marahtra is 14 years old. He is blind he can’t see light but he can see something move very close to his eyes. He is thin. He is actually in class 6.

He was born in Humla in the far west of the country on 2057/03/05 where his family actually lives. The parents are farmer and his brothers and sisters use to go to school there. When he was there, he went sometime to school but it was difficult for him. At 7 years old with his father and some neighboors they took an helicopter to Surkhet and joined Katmandhu by a nightbus. Then they came to the DSA by bus. He learned Braillescript during one year with the DSA’s teacher Jiwan Dangol and then integrate Adarsha Saula school in kinder garden. He never came back to Humla since he arrived,.His father came four years ago to visit him. Sometimes his parents call the DSA to know his status.

At school his favourite subjects are Maths and Science. When he is not at school he likes to use computer (typing and listen to music). He’s learning to play chess with his roommates Sangam, Ram, Dawarag and Robin. He’s a having guitar lessons too. Also he has participated in an essay competition and got 3rd position. He is a goood learner He is brillant in his studies. His friends are most of the blind boy from the DSA and some pupils from his classroo