Name :

Muna Majhi

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Physically Handicapped

My Story :

Muna Majhi was born in Nuwakot District in 2052/01/09 B.S. Her father’s name is Iswor Majhi and Mother’s name is Gita Majhi. They were living in Dhading , pipaltar VDC, kumpu. She could not walk even she became the age of 2 which is normally the walking age of children. She suffered from polio and she was searching for treatment. Her family was poor and his father abandoned them leaving muna,her brother and her mother.It was a ver difficult for her mother to sustain daily food expenses and requirements. Her mother then came to know about DSA and she took her to DSA in 2059/02/09.She was 7 years old when she first came here.