Name :

Rabin Ghale

Age :

Birth Place :


Disability :

Visually Impaired

My Story :

Robin Ghali is 14 years old. He is tall for his age. He is visually impaired, that is to say that he can perceive some light and things close to his eyes but not far. He was born blind. At two years old he had an operation on his left eye in India. That is thanks to this operation that he can perceive some things now.

His family and him come from Dadhing. His parents and his brother still live there. His sisters actually live in Katmandhu. He comes to Dhading every year for Dassain festival and some vacations (Tihar). There he uses to visit his family (parents and grandparents).. His parents come sometimes visit him to DSA and his sisters more often. Also he can have news from his family by phone.

At the age of seven, his parents decided to carry him to DSA. His mother did the travel with him (8 hours walking and 3 hours by bus). He never went to school before. In DSA he learned braille during 6 month and joined Adarsha school n Kinder Garden. At school he had some difficulties to learn, specially in Maths. He failed twice but now he is good student. When he is not at school he uses computer to do his homework and also to listen music. He enjoys sports, he plays cricket with his friends from school and DSA and football too. Moreover he plays chess well as music (guitar and flute). He would like to become a music teacher and his main dream is to become a cricket player.