Name :

Sakuntala Badi

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Visually Impaired

My Story :

Sakuntala Badi is 15 years old. She is blind but she can perceive light and things close to his eyes. She is thin and very clever. She is actually in class 7.

Her family and she come from Rolpa in the Mid-Western Region where she was born on 2057/04/17. Her mother died when she was 6 because of heart problem. Then with her brother Keshab who is also blind they moved to the DSA one year later. But this is not a hereditory disability. The journey time between Rolpa and Katmandhu is 3 days (2 days walking to the headquaters, and then 1 day by bus). They left the little sister Bina in Rolpa with their uncle. Now her father and her step mother live in Kathmandu. When she arrived in the DSA she learned Braille script during 1 year and a half an then joined the Kinder Garden.

She enjoy school, her favourite subjects are social science, english and nepali. She has good grades (70%). Her bestfriend Susmita helps her a lot. She is very curious and cultivated. She is very interested about discovering new places and things often about history and religion. She likes to visit historic places as Darbar or temple. Last time she went to Boudhanath in class 5. When she is not at school she likes to read, typing on computer and she enjoy playing flute and madal. She thinks about becoming a braille teacher. She is very interested about discriminations in society and dreams about being prime minister.