Name :

Sangam Thapa Magar

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Visually Impaired

My Story :

Sangam was born in Ramecchap on 2057/03/05, he is now 15. After birth he could see a little but his vision was defective and now he only can perceive some light. His cousin Yeman lives in the DSA too and has the same disability.

His family comes from Ramecchap. His mother still lives in Ramecchap with his grandmother they are farmer. His father lives in Kathmandu and works as truck driver. He has 3 brothers, Ram and Laxman who are twins (10 years old) and Sicmon who is 5. They live in Lalitpur with neighbours from Ramecchap. He also has one elder sister who lives between Katmandhu and Sindupalchok but he doesn’t have news since her wedding. His parents sometimes visit him (3 times)a year. He comes to Ramecchap every year for Dashain.

He moved to Kathmandu at 5 with his father (half day walking and half day by bus). As he saw a little he went to normally schools until 6. At 7 he entered in a special school for blind people in Lagankhel. There he learned braille script in 6 month. But later his teacher left and the other did not come it was very difficult to follow school. So his aunt who is Yeman’s mother and his father decided to bring them to DSA to follow classes in a better environment.

He likes school, his favourite subjects are Math and Science. His percentage is 87.5% and he is 4th of his class. He is a hardworker and clever student. He is very curious about many subjects. When he is not at school he enjoys using computer to do his homework, type and listen to music. He use to play chess with his friends from the DSA. He is fond of music. He plays flute, guitar and dhime. His dream his to become a musician (guitarist or drummer).