Name :

Sunil Lama

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Visually Impaired

My Story :

Sunil Lama was born in  2053/10/11 in Panauti  VDC,KAVRE.He was living with his father and mother.His father’s name is Deepak Tamang while mother’s name is Mahili Maya Tamang. His parents worked as labour even both of them are around 52 years of age.

Sunil was a brilliant student as he was studying in grade 4.It was the time when there was conflict between the Nepal government and maoist. Many people were killed in attacks and many civilians became the victim of that conflict.While sunil was playing with his friends in open ground they found a ball like substance.Since they were small to think about it with suspicion. One of his friend went near to it and grabbed it.The very moment he took it,it exploded.It was the bomb placed by maoist cadres for the army.

Sunil lost both of his eyes and his body was covered with metal pieces stones and full of full.He was severely injured.One of his friend died.After the incident he was taken to T.U Teaching Hospital as an emergency case.

He got admitted in the hospital dated on 2061/09/05 and discharged on 2061/01/05. During that period he started living at DSA with children and he regularly had to visit doctors to remove the substances from his body and for dressing purpose.