Name :

Nani Maya Tamang

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Visually Impaired

My Story :

Nana Maya Tamang is 10. She is actually in class 1. She is thin. She is visually impaired but she can perceive light and she was born with cleft palet.It was difficult for her to speak and the sound was not clear.

Her family lives in Nuwakot which is her birthplace. At five years old she came by bus to DSA with the help of the army. She had difficulties to speak with her disablility so at 7 years old she had an operation to solve a harelip( cleft palet).She got treatment from Sushma Koirala memorial hospital,sankhu. Since that she can speak normally. She learned braille in the DSA, it was difficult to her. She has still some difficulties at school and in english too. She enjoys playing music when she doesn’t work. She plays Jhyali, Madal and she sings too. She is a very kind and smiling child. Her best friend Rima helps her a lot at highschool.