Name :

Yewon Thapa Magar

Age :


Birth Place :


Disability :

Visually Impaired

My Story :


Yewon Thapa Magar is 10. He is thin and very smiling child. He is visually impaired. He can perceive light and somethings close to him like big letters.

He was born in Ramechhap as his cousin Sangam. His mother still live there with his family. He goes there with his father and his cousin Sangam every year for Dassain festival. Their house has been destroyed with the earthquake so they live in a temporary center. His father comes to visit him in DSA 2 or 3 times a year.

He began school there in normal school. As he was the only blind students and there was no braille facilities he learned to read alphabet letters. At 7 years old he left his village to B.P hospital in Katmandhu after 10 hours of bus. He began braille lessons and learn mobility training in the hospital. The same year he finally join the DSA with his cousin Sangam.

In DSA he finished braille learning and began school. He likes going to school. His favourite subjects are Nepali and Social Studies. He has some difficulties in English. When he doesn’t work he likes to play football and music. He plays guitar, madal and he sings too.